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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Black College Student Launches Affordable $40 Shoe Brand That Gives Back to the Community

Daniel Abaraoha, founder of Vita Shoes

Daniel Abaraoha, a college student at Cornell University who lives in Arlington, Texas, has launched a unique philanthropy-driven shoe company that was created from a childhood dream of his. The company, Vita Shoes, offers customers a quality and affordable sneaker while giving a portion of their profits to homeless shelters and charity organizations.
How he got started

Daniel has always loved sneakers and started designing them when his family couldn't even afford a decent pair of shoes. Despite his family’s economic hardships, serving the less fortunate was an important value for him growing up. He went on various mission trips and served multiple times at homeless shelters, but somehow it didn’t seem like he was doing enough. He wanted to do more!

So he got the notion to combine his passion for designing sneakers to meet the persistent needs of the poor throughout his community.

Making the shoes affordable

Affordablity has always been a passion for Daniel. After extensive research on the makeup of sneakers, he found out that he could design a great shoe and have it produced at a low cost. After learning learning this, he became fed up of having to pay $80, $90, $100+ for his beloved sneakers when they didn’t have to be.

So he decided to make that a part of the brand's mission - great affordable sneakers that support an even greater cause. With those fundamentals in place and the support of many, Vita Shoes was born. Daniel says his mission is "to show the world that you can pay a low price and still get amazing shoes."

For more details about Vita Shoes Company, visit and/or follow them on Facebook at